We are leaving Edmonton today to move on to Jasper. No photos, but a few memories of Edmonton. The West Edmonton Mall (WEM) which was the original model for the Mall of America is quite spectacular. It is long (not circular like MOA), only 2 stories, and has a casino, waterpark, sea lion show, miniature golf, 13 theaters, amusement park rides, and over 800 stores and 100 eateries. We had a lovely lunch at the Hudson Canadian Tap House and were able to watch the first half of the US gold medal soccer game. Picked up the end of the game at an Italian coffee shop.

Speaking of the Olympics, we have been able to see a recap of Olympic events a couple of evenings on Canadian TV – from the Canadian perspective with Canadian announcers (their perspective of the Canada/US semifinal soccer game was probably different from what you heard). Last night the only station we could find for the Olympics did the recap in French, Chinese, Japanese, but never in English.

Hope for good WiFi in the mountains!

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One thought on “Edmonton

  1. Janis Peterson

    What great pictures! I was thinking about you yesterday but didn’t have a chance to text you guys. Dwight is in Medora, North Dakota with his cousins, and will be home tomorrow night. He’s reading email while gone, so hopefully he’ll log in to see your pictures. It was really too bad that some areas you wanted to hike in were closed. You just never know about Mother Nature. Keep the pictures coming when you have time. We enjoy looking at them.


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