Whistler Mountain

We rode the tram up part way to the top of Whistler Mtn and then hiked the rest of the way (approximately 3/4 of a mile with  ~800 ft in elevation gain) to the top.  Not excessively long, but a good workout for our first hike with elevation.  The 360 degree views of the surrounding area were stunning, including Mt. Robson which is over 50 miles away.  Mt Robson is the mountain photo we sent yesterday whose peak is rarely seen out of the clouds.  The tram operator told us it is visible from Whistler only 13 days per year. Lucky us again!


Mt Robson taken from top of Whistler Mtn.

In the photo below the  Jasper townsite is below in a valley formed between the Athabasca River and the Miette River, with many little glacial fed lakes.

Jasper townsite from top of Whistler Mtn.

On top of Whistler Mtn.


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2 thoughts on “Whistler Mountain

  1. Hedy

    Hi, I love this! So nice to see what your up to , and the scenery is beautiful. I want to see Tobeycat out there hiking or at the wheel or chasing moose, or something. It is his blog after all.. Hedy

  2. Dennis and Barb Erickson

    Hey! What fun hearing from you and now to keep up with your travels. You are now are a part of our ‘favorites’ and we will look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures and hearing the narrative of your travels. Have a continued great time BUT come home!!

    Dennis and Barb on Colorado Lane North

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