Maligne Lake

Today was another fabulous weather day and the road with the mudslides was reopened a couple of days ago.  We counted 9 slide spots on our 28 mile drive out to the lake.  There are no trails to the end of the 9-mile lake (longest in the Canadian Rockies) so we took the easy way and took a cruise.  It is 95% glacial fed and changes color with the sky and the surroundings.

Waiting to board

Spirit Island on Maligne Lake

Can you find Doug among his old friends?

This morning on the way to the lake, a black bear bounded out next to us, and I narrowly avoided hitting him or her (there are definitely reasons for the slow speed limits in the areas the animals frequent).  On the way back from Maligne, 2 mountain sheep decided to control the road.

Sheep on Maligne Lk Rd

Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake is glacial fed from Maligne Lake and Maligne River.  In the fall it drains like a bathtub through cracks in the granite.

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One thought on “Maligne Lake

  1. Elaine

    So how are the roads? Are they hilly, skinny mountain roads?

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