IceFields Parkway

Tuesday we traveled the IceFields Parkway from Jasper to Lake Louise.  The highway is aptly named as there are glaciers and snow-capped peaks at every turn.  The highlight of the drive was Sunwapta Falls, another very powerful and deep fall of the Athabasca River into a deep gorge.  Awesome is going to be an overused word in this blog but it really is!  The fence allowed us to get right down close to the churning water, mist, and spray.

Sunwapta Falls

Kj in the mist of Sunwapta Falls

Churning Athabasca River going over Sunwapta Falls

Dj at top of Sunwapta Falls

We started the day in low clouds which felt very mysterious.

Early morning south of Jasper

Icefields Parkway in the cloud

We didn’t take the snowcoach tour on the Columbia Icefield as we have done that before, but stopped for a few photos.

Columbia Icefield

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2 thoughts on “IceFields Parkway

  1. Charlie & Joyce

    Awesome photos as always! The Tobeycat and elk photo is a real prize-winner. Gopher football starts this week; think of us in the heat of Las Vegas!

  2. Dwight

    I can hear the river in the gorge roaring from the picture

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