Lake O’Hara and Lake Oesa

Lake O’Hara is a region of Yoho National Park that the park service is trying to protect and keep pristine for future generations.  Thus only a few people are allowed into the area each day – reservations for the lodge must be made a year in advance and reservations to ride the bus into the Lake O’Hara region for a day hike must be made 3 months in advance.  We are lucky to be among those allowed in for 4 visits on this trip!  Our first visit was this past Thursday for a hike from Lake O’Hara to Lake Oesa.

Words just can’t describe the beauty and the grandeur of this area.  We will let the photos tell the story.

Morning at Lake O’Hara

Lake O’Hara

Trail to Lake Oesa from Lake O’Hara

Looking back to Lake O’Hara from the trail to Lake Oesa

Lake Oesa

Lunch at Lake Oesa

Lake Oesa

Can you believe these colors!

Leaving Lake Oesa

Heather and flowers on the trail

Lake O’Hara in the afternoon

End of the trail at Lake O’Hara

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One thought on “Lake O’Hara and Lake Oesa

  1. Molly and Captain Chunk

    Gorgeous! The lakes look like caribbean water dropped right in the middle of the mountains!

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