Bow Lake and Peyto Lake

Bow Lake and Peyto Lake are popular and beautiful stops on the IceFields Parkway north of Lake Louise.  They are two more of the glacial fed lakes of varying shades of blue-green-aqua.  The glaciers grind the rocks down to a fine powder called rock flour which is washed into the lakes by the meltwater.  The silty water absorbs all of the colors of incoming light except the turquoise and blue of the sky that are reflected back to our eyes.  Thus the colors of the lakes that we see change with the color of the sky.

Num-Ti-Jah Lodge at Bow Lake

Marmot on the trail to Bow Falls


Trail to Bow Glacier Falls that feeds Bow Lake

Bow Glacier, Bow Falls, and Bow Lake with blue sky

Threatening weather over Bow Lake

Num-Ti-Jah lodge, lake view

Crowfoot Glacier over Bow Lake, cloudy sky

Peyto Lake

Peyto Glacier

Peyto Lake from a short walk to the high viewpoint

Peyto Glacier and Lake

Below is a photo of the alluvial fan where meltwater from the Peyto Glacier washes the rock flour into Peyto lake, causing the beautiful aqua color.

Alluvial fan at Peyto Lake

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