Good-bye to Lake Louise area

A week ago we went to Lake Louise to watch the sunrise light up the Victoria Glacier which is the glacier behind the lake in all of the photos.  It was a clear day except in the East, and thus the sunshine on the glacier never happened, and the clouds eventually moved into the lake area.  We did take some beautiful photos without direct sun, a couple of which are below.

Lake Louise at dawn

Morning at Lake Louise without the sun

Lake Louise & Victoria Glacier in the clouds

A few days later when the forecast was once again for a clear, sunny day, we tried for sunrise a second time.  On this day the sun appeared, and it was very entertaining to watch the glacier light up.  It takes only about 15-20 minutes at this time of the year to light up the entire glacier.

Early morning at Lake Louise waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun at Lake Louise

Sun lighting up the very top of Victoria Glacier

The sun lighting up Victoria Glacier

Sunrise progressing at Lake Louise

Sunrise moves down the glacier at Lake Louise

We could bore you with 20 or 30 more photos as the sunrise progressed – it was quite fun, but here are a couple as it was almost complete.  The one below is lighting up the Big Beehive on the right where we hiked to the top earlier in the trip for views back down to Lake Louise.

Sunrise lighting up Victoria Glacier and Big Beehive over Lake Louise

The photo below with sun on the glacier was taken from the same location as the first one before the sun arrived.

Sunrise at Lake Louise

For those who have never  been to Lake Louise, here are a few photos of the famous Chateau.

Fairmont Lake Louise Chateau

Views to the lake from inside the Chateau

Hanging baskets at Chateau Lake Louise

View of Lake Louise Chateau from the top of the Big Beehive

We ran into our new friends from the Italian Alps again one of the days we were at Lake Louise as they were preparing to hike up to the Big Beehive and the teahouses.  We have met so many interesting people from so many interesting places (Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Canada of course, UK, Germany, and many others) – this is quite an international destination.

Hikers from the UK, Italy, and Belgium we met on Moraine Lake trails.

We are moving on to Banff where we will do more to support the economy of Canada (shopping and dining) and less hiking.

One last view of Lake Louise on a sunny day…

Lake Louise

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4 thoughts on “Good-bye to Lake Louise area

  1. mikhail

    What a morning!
    It’s fantastic place, lucky you.

  2. Molly and Captain Chunk

    Gorgeous photos as usual! Extra credit for getting up before dawn. I remember when we went canoeing on Lake Louise!

    • Thanks for the extra credit Mrs. Stern!
      The early morning canoe trip on Lake Louise while listening to Amazing Grace being played on the alphorn is one of our fondest memories of that trip with you!

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