Stanley Glacier Hike

We have been camping at Tunnel Mountain in Banff townsite for a few days during cold, blustery weather.  But Thursday was a bright sunny day, good for our last long hike up to Stanley Glacier.  The trail travels steadily uphill through an area of forest fire both in 1968 and 2003.  We have never hiked through a burn area with new growth before – we liked the openness with views of the valleys around us.

Stanley Glacier trail through burn area

1st views of Stanley Glacier from the trail, Stanley Peak on the right

Stanley Peak

The fires did not reach the subalpine forest.

Stanley Glacier trail above the burn area

In the bowl formed by the glacier beneath Stanley Peak

Rocks and ice broke off from the Stanley Peak cliffs every few minutes while we ate lunch. It seemed to be a somewhat unstable area.  When we returned to the trailhead, we noticed a sign warning that explosives are used in the area to control avalanches and if we were to run across an unexploded device, not to touch it and report to the warden!  We didn’t see any.

Beneath Stanley Peak

Stanley Glacier Trail

Stanley Glacier

Down through the burn area to the end of the trail

Tobey welcomes us back from the trail

As we have been posting these photos today in the Banff Public Library, we noticed a magazine in the rack next to us called the Avalanche Journal – a whole periodical devoted to avalanches!  Topics include education, seminars, training conferences, canine rescue units, using explosives, forecasting, history, editorials, etc.  Who knew? A whole journal devoted to the topic – we flatlanders were unaware.

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3 thoughts on “Stanley Glacier Hike

  1. Ruth

    Magnificent photos of your last two stops. I hope you are getting one with the camper included for the calendar.

    • We don’t have many of “Horton” on this trip as it is always left in a parking area at the trailhead, which usually isn’t very scenic. Thanks for commenting and game updates.

  2. Molly and Captain Chunk

    Ha mom you are too funny. Next time I think you should travel with tobey in Dad’s backpack.

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