Hello!  We have been home for 12 days.  The RV is washed, winterized and stored. This will be our last posting for a while.

Some of you have inquired about where is Tobey in the posts and photos?  What does he do on the trips?  Thus, this post is devoted to TobeyCat.  He has traveled to Utah, Florida, California, and the Canadian Rockies.  We have included photos from those trips.

First he helps to plan the routes.

Then he waits while packing to be sure he is going along.

During the drives he naps,

he watches the scenery,

and watches the road.

Sometimes he even would like to drive!

Even though he is an “indoor” cat, he enjoys communing with nature.

While we are out he suns himself ……

he waits,

and waits,

more waiting,

When we return to the RV, he is there to welcome us “home.”

One of the activities Tobey enjoys on our trips is plotting his escape.

Waiting by the door in order to escape

And sometimes he accomplishes his goal and escapes to freedom, but so far not permanently!

In Florida he enjoyed observing the beaches.

He also thought about going for a bike ride.

He gets to bring along some of his toys.

He guards our stuff….

And he is a lookout for anything in the wild.

He checked out our new camp stool – it seemed to receive his approval.

In Banff, he enjoyed sitting on a park bench along the Bow River.

In Waterton, he felt he needed to keep an eye on our friend’s dog (she didn’t really care for the constant scrutiny!).

Tobey always likes happy hour and trolling for admiring glances and comments from passers-by in the campgrounds.

Occasionally he receives a massage.

All of this ‘activity’ requires lots of naps!

And of course, Tobey helped with the blog posts.

Thanks for following along on Tobey’s travels.

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We are back in the States – not home yet, but we have made it back across the border. We will post some photos from the last week soon.

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Week of September 17-21

We have a few more photos of Banff to share, but we are now in Waterton National Park. Internet access is very limited here, we will not be able to post for several days. We are thrilled that new friends from Seattle whom we met this spring in Yosemite will join us for a few days here in Waterton Lakes!

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We are leaving Edmonton today to move on to Jasper. No photos, but a few memories of Edmonton. The West Edmonton Mall (WEM) which was the original model for the Mall of America is quite spectacular. It is long (not circular like MOA), only 2 stories, and has a casino, waterpark, sea lion show, miniature golf, 13 theaters, amusement park rides, and over 800 stores and 100 eateries. We had a lovely lunch at the Hudson Canadian Tap House and were able to watch the first half of the US gold medal soccer game. Picked up the end of the game at an Italian coffee shop.

Speaking of the Olympics, we have been able to see a recap of Olympic events a couple of evenings on Canadian TV – from the Canadian perspective with Canadian announcers (their perspective of the Canada/US semifinal soccer game was probably different from what you heard). Last night the only station we could find for the Olympics did the recap in French, Chinese, Japanese, but never in English.

Hope for good WiFi in the mountains!

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We traveled first to Florida for a month….


to MNTwins spring training,


several beach resorts on the Gulf,


visiting Doug’s cousin in Huntsville, AL,


and Kathy’s cousins and families in St. Louis on the way back to MN.


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Hello world!

In retirement Doug and I along with our cat Tobey are traveling in our Libero Leisure Travel Van across the US and Canada.  We want to share our fun adventures with you.   We have included a few photos since my retirement in March to bring you up to date.

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