Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park

We spent 5 1/2 days in Waterton National Park on the US/Canada border.  Waterton along with Glacier National Park in the US forms the International Peace Park.  The first two days we hiked a couple of short trails and explored a bit.

Fall foliage on the trail

There are many lakes in the Waterton park.  The town of Waterton sits at the end of Upper Waterton Lake which extends across the border.  The campground is in the townsite and is in the upper right-hand corner of the photo below.

Town of Waterton Park

On the Bear Hump looking over Upper Waterton Lake

The prairie meets the mountains of Waterton without foothills in between.

Waterton Prairie

The Prince of Wales Hotel is the signature site of the park.  It sits on a knoll over the town.

Prince of Wales Hotel above the lake and town

Prince of Wales Hotel from the trail

Prince of Wales Hotel

Prince of Wales Hotel – the other side

The first day we were in Waterton was clear and windy.  Then smoke from forest fires in the US created a gray haze.

We met a delightful couple from Seattle when we were camping near Yosemite this past spring. They joined us for our final 2 1/2 days in Waterton.  It was such fun to get to know them better and share discoveries in Waterton.

Al & Sherry

Red Rock Canyon in Waterton

Although it was calm while we were in Waterton, the wind is normally very strong in the town – note the tops of the trees bent in one direction.

Lunch along Upper Waterton Lake

Al and Sherry brought their golden retriever, Molly.  Tobey was very intrigued, Molly not so much.

Tobey the cat & Molly the dog

Cameron Falls

Cameron Lake

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WildLife of Waterton

Wildlife was more visible in Waterton than in the other parks we visited, possibly due to the fall rut!

One morning we met a ranger and 3 couples who had been watching 2 moose cows in a small lake.  The humans were spooked as they were only aware of one bull moose when a second bull came out of the woods behind the people.  We were warned to stay back and not to get between the cows and the bulls.

Moose cow in Akimina Lake

Moose cow

Bull moose watching the cow moose from the trees

While with Al and Sherry we observed black bears foraging in the brush for berries.  It was so fun to watch them scoop pawfuls of berries into their mouths, but hard to get good photos through the brush.

Black bear eating berries

Al & Doug searching for bear

Black bear

There is a large herd of elk in the park.  In the evening during the rut, the herd comes down out of the hills and trees into a field where the bulls sort the female elk into harems.   We watched the action from the roadside and listened to the bugle calls for an hour.

Elk herd

Male elk sorting females into his harem

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